100 small non-woven facial wax strips
100 large non-woven facial wax strips
100 small rounded-edge facial wax applicator sticks
100 large rounded-edge facial wax applicator sticks

This deluxe non-woven facial epilating wax strips and applicator sticks kit waxing kit with small and large wax strips, and small and large wax applicators is perfect for all body hair removal needs. The small strips and applicator sticks are perfect for shaping eyebrows, bikini lines, underarms and other delicate and precision areas you want smooth and clean. The large non-woven waxing strips, and large applicator sticks is ideal for achieving soft skin on your legs, arms, chests, feet, abdomen, and back. Quickly remove unwanted hair to achieve smooth and clean skin.

Professional grade spatula-shaped, round-edge, applicator sticks aid in even application of soft hair removal wax. Non-woven waxing strips give the salon experience.

Delicate touch and feel
Keep unwanted hair in check
Cuts easily with no string residue
Professional Aesthetician grade
Salon experience on your time
Excellent for sensitive skin
Easy application and removal
Semi-permanent hair removal lasts 2-6 weeks
Ideal for salon grade hair removal waxes

100 small non-woven, epilating wax strips 1.75″ x 4.5″
100 large non-woven, epilating wax strips 3″ x 9″
100 small rounded-edge wax applicator sticks 0.25″ x 3.5″
100 large rounded-edge wax applicator sticks 0.59″ x 5.5″

Note: for best results, used along with a premium grade soft hair removal wax. Wax obtained separately.

Warning: eyelashes and eyelids should not be waxed. severely damaged is likely if waxed. It Epilate these areas manually with precision tweezers.