Smarkle™ Specialty & Beautification Instruments

Smarkle™ Tweezer Styles & Their Uses

Our Smarkle™ professional style tweezer set is perfect for those looking for a great value and surgical type grip. Smarkle™ tweezers are a beauticians’ preference for comfort with a little sparkle added in to express your personality. Smarkle™ tweezers are a collection of precision tools, engineered for acute accuracy and firm grab making them a popular choice for professionals and hobbyists. We offer four of our distinct style tweezers for a limitless number of uses.

Smarkle™ Specialty Tweezers:

2. Ingrown Hair Tweezer – Pro-Curved

Our Pro-Curved stainless steel Ingrown Hair Tweezer has a curved flat tip that provides a flat large gripping surface for extended control and precision placement. This tweezer is ideal for ingrown hairs, grabbing and precision placement; also for separating extended eyelashes if they stick together. The anti-static, anti-magnetic Pro-Curved hair tweezer is the perfect tool professionals and hobbyists, e.g. providing more precision in picking up and steadily placing components during the soldering process.

3. Slanted

Our high quality, slanted precision-tip, surgical/stainless steel tweezer is an extremely dependable tool with true alignment to grip and grab every time. This professional eyebrow tweezer with the slanted tip is extremely versatile offering a flat angled edge that works well in tweezing larger areas quickly with an excellent comfortable grip. Slanted tweezers are perfect for the shaping of the eyebrows, allowing you to easily tweeze with a fuller view in the mirror. Flip the tweezers over and the point of the tip can be used as a pointed tip, for peak precision. For general tweezing, the slanted tip style tweezers is essential; as a beauty product to keep you looking flawless, to keep ingrown hairs in check, applying eyelash extensions, remove splinters, fix jewelry; leatherwork, reaching small objects; electronic components etc. The slanted tipped tweezers is the most commonly used style of tweezers, the true workhorse of beauty tools and improved work efficiency.

5. Pointed

Our ultra-precision surgical pointed tip stainless steel tweezers are tapered with a sharp tip that works great for extracting extra fine hairs, removing ingrown hairs and splinters. The pointed tip is for precision tweezing, able to slide beneath a top layer of skin to grasp and pull out a trapped object; which is why these tweezers are commonly found in cosmetic bags. These pointed tip tweezers are however, first and foremost a first aid kit staple for acute accuracy in surgical tweezing.

9. Flat

Our surgical/stainless steel flat tip tweezers have a straight, flat square tip with a wider edge to edge surface are for easier ‘straight on’ removal of stubby, short hairs. The tip is wider with a larger surface area providing a strong firm on a selected hair while minimizing any breakage. This square flat tipped tweezer is a better design in procuring the stray hairs that grow between the eyebrows, ‘straight on’, in front of you. For this reason, flat tweezers are very popular with beauticians.

Tweezing or Plucking for Hair Removal

Tweezers: Forceps used to manually pull, pluck, pinch or extract hair, splinters, thread needles, or grasp other small objects. Tweezers are useful in extracting aimless hairs and shaping the eyebrows.
Synonyms: “I am tweezing my eyebrows.”

Important to Note: Tweezers should never be used on nose hairs. Nose hairs should be trimmed to avoid potential dangerous infections. Even if you are the only one to use your tweezers, tweezers should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol after each use.

There are some disadvantages to tweezing:
• Tweezing can be painful.
• Tweezing can cause scarring or pitting.
• Considered care and attention should be given to the shaping of the brows; the removal of just one or two hairs can make a big difference.

Tweezer Care Tips:
• After each use, clean the tweezers; disinfecting the tips in alcohol.
• Protect the tips by keeping tweezers in their storage box.
• Do not drop tweezers. Dropping tweezers can dull the tips and place them out of alignment.
• The spring tension can be increased by gently apart the two halves of the tweezer. Once the spring has been expanded it cannot be decreased.

Accurate Tweezing in 4 Easy Steps:
1. Align the hair in the direction of the hair growth.
2. Single out only one hair to be tweezed.
3. Secure and pull in the direction of the hair growth.
4. Be gentle and pull smoothly; without yanking.

The Art of Shaping Your Eyebrows:
The shape of your eyebrow should always follow the natural line of your supraorbital ridge or brow bone. The highest point should be the outside corner above the pupil. To precisely determine where the brow would begin, place a straw or pencil perpendicular to the side of the nostril. Now to determine where the brow should end, hold the straw or pencil at a diagonal from the outside corner of the eye to the supraorbital ridge or brow bone on the outer edge of the face. For a more pleasing look, the brows should extend to a point just a little past the eye and curve slightly down. When doing the eyebrows, tweeze one side, then the other so they will remain symmetrical.

Tweezing Do’s & Don’ts:
• Opening your pores with a hot washcloth before proceeding will make tweezing much easier.
• It is always better to tweeze too little, than too much.
• Choose a professional eyebrow tweezer.
• Tweeze in the direction that the hair grows.
• Never tweeze nose hair or mole hairs.
• Use makeup concealer to draw a guide-line to tweeze below.
• Do not use moisturizers or creams; they can cause the tweezers to slip.

Governmental Regulations:
Some States require a licensed aesthetician or cosmetologist for hair removal, such as tweezing.