Project Description

Our high quality, slanted precision-tip, surgical/stainless steel tweezer is an extremely dependable tool with true alignment to grip and grab every time. This professional eyebrow tweezer with the slanted tip is extremely versatile offering a flat angled edge that works well in tweezing larger areas quickly with an excellent comfortable grip. Slanted tweezers are perfect for the shaping of the eyebrows, allowing you to easily tweeze with a fuller view in the mirror.

Flip the tweezers over and the point of the tip can be used as a pointed tip, for peak precision. For general tweezing, the slanted tip style tweezers is essential; as a beauty product to keep you looking flawless, to keep ingrown hairs in check, applying eyelash extensions, remove splinters, fix jewelry; leatherwork, reaching small objects; electronic components etc. The slanted tipped tweezers is the most commonly used style of tweezers, the true workhorse of beauty tools and improved work efficiency.